Back Pain Treatment Options

If you've been experiencing back pain for some time, you may have already tried several different back pain treatment options. You may have been told that all back pain is not treatable by medicine, or that your condition is so bad that surgery is your only option. While it's true that most back pain doesn't need surgery, this doesn't mean that you should just settle with pain medication. There are alternative back pain treatment methods available that can help you manage and even eliminate back pain. Click on this link: to get access to the variety of back pain treatment alternatives.

The most common back pain treatments involve: Chiropractic treatment. The most common back pain treatments used to treat lower back pain involve chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy, and massage. A chiropractor will do a thorough examination of your spine to determine the cause of your problem. Then he will design a treatment plan that will target those joints that are in the wrong position, which is usually accompanied by misalignment of vertebrae. Common back pain medications that chiropractors prescribe include anti-inflammatory drugs, spinal adjustments, and steroidal injections.

Another common method of back pain relief is to use physical therapy. Physical therapy doesn't require surgery and most of the time it doesn't require any medical treatment. However, your doctor will most likely recommend a patient approach that focuses on stretching and strengthening exercises to improve your flexibility and strengthen your back. Depending on your severity of the problem, your therapist might recommend that you also perform intensive strength training exercises. If you continue to experience symptoms, your therapist might consider having you perform spinal traction.

In more extreme cases, a back pain treatment in az therapist might recommend spinal surgery. But as with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved, recovery time, and complications. Before you decide to undergo any type of surgical procedure, your doctor and spine surgeon will discuss the benefits and risks of the procedure. In some cases, physical therapy can help prevent problems associated with back surgery, such as further back pain or numbness. In other cases, physical therapy may help to reduce future back pain or help it to be less severe.

The last resort for back pain relief is to have surgery. When there are joint issues that are pressing on bones or nerves, the only option for back pain relief would be to go through a surgical procedure to correct the problem. Your doctor will examine your spine and surrounding area and make recommendations for you. You will most likely be given a list of possible surgeries and you will need to research each one thoroughly to make sure you are a good candidate for it.

Back pain treatment options can range from simple aspirin or ibuprofen pills, which do not require a prescription, to a myriad of drugs that all work to reduce inflammation and to decrease pain. You will need to talk with your doctor and decide which back pain treatment options are right for you and your lifestyle. The good news is that most of these medications are available over the counter and you will not need a prescription. But please remember to check with your pharmacist before taking any medication as they might have different side effects than you are expecting. Discover more details related to this topic on this link: